The transformation of 'I' to 'We'

When we, a group of 10 pediatricians met on a pleasant Sunday morning in Jan 2008, to ponder over the question whether we were contended with our professional careers, the answer, unanimously, was a mix of Yes & No. Yes, because all of us were well settled in our individual setups and No, for we realized that our potential was greatly untapped in our solo clinics and nursing homes. Tertiary care pediatrics, as it has evolved over the last decade, is too complex and intellectually and physically taxing for an individual practitioner to do justice, howsoever well meaning he or she may be. The choice was clear: either shun the challenge of critical care pediatrics or replace 'I' with 'We', join hands and come up with a set up which can deliver the best but which divides the burden and challenges among the members of the group.

Thus we ten doctors have joined hands, hearts, finances, goals and aspirations into a rainbow coalition and come up with COLOURS CHILDREN HOSPITAL.

The group is a colourful blend of youth & experience, generalists & intensivists, neonatologists & adolescent specialists, conservatives & those with dash and vigor. As we take the first tentative joint steps, COLOURS CHILDREN HOSPITAL solicits your blessings and best wishes in this collective endeavor.

We have a dream, a dream that in time to come, COLOURS CHILDREN HOSPITAL would establish itself as a referral centre for high quality Neonatal - Pediatric Critical Care & Surgical Services.